Return on Investment

Bluechem has developed a Complete Care System service concept for the automotive service shop. This advanced system has been certified and tested in Germany to meet the latest technical standards and proven effective in cleaning engine internals and the complete fuel system. Our system is safe and easy to use, helping define your shop’s competency and expertise.

Sales Breakdown:
20 services per week


Add significant revenue to your Parts and Labour sales by adding these services to your regular maintenance menu. Combustion Chamber Cleaner and Engine Oil Flush can significantly improve the drivability of vehicles using direct injection that suffer from excessive carbon accumulation. These services also compliment Provincial Emission Testing centres by dramatically improving testing results for tail pipe emissions.

Total sales per year

By adding 20 services per week at $81.00h labour rate at 1.6h to per vehicle (estimated time and rate), Both Combustion Chamber Cleaner and Engine Oil Flush can increase your bottom line substantially! Increased Parts and Labour sales can equal an additional $145,958.40 for your business. These services provide instant customer satisfaction and generous returns for your business. Contact Bluechem Canada today to see how our products can help you increase your revenue.