Autoprofi Automatic Transmission Flush


Bluechem  Automatic Transmission Flush represents the latest development in transmission cleaning technology. The finely balanced formulation is compatible with all types of automatic transmission fluids.

This powerful additive package flushes the auto transmission:

  • Removes varnish deposits and harmful sludge
  • Cleans all internal transmission components
  • Removes moisture contaminants and protects against premature wear
  • Lubricates the entire system during the application
  • removes cross contamination of old dirty fluid to the new fluid
  • Extends the service life of new transmission fluid

Instructions for use:
Ensure transmission fluid level is at proper level.
Add Bluechem Automatic Transmission Flush to transmissions system and run vehicle for approx. 15 minutes at idle.
Shift through all gears during the cleaning period to ensure that cleaner flows throughout the valve body.
Drain the waste oil and replace with new automatic transmission oil as per Manufacturers recommendation.

250 ml for cars Approx. 15 minutes