Autoprofi Common-Rail Diesel System Clean & Protect


Common Rail High Pressure Diesel System Clean & Protect has been specifically developed for all high pressure direct injection diesel engines with Common Rail or Pump Injectors. This high technology product, developed from extensive research is designed to meet the exact requirements of the modern diesel system and especially recommended for extended service intervals. DPF safe.

Exceeds the requirements of DIN EN ISO 12156-1 (HFRR test)

  • Removes even the smallest particles of contamination from the entire fuel system
  • Provides optimum atomization and fuel efficiency
  • Guarantees total lubrication of the entire fuel system, especially the high pressure pump and injectors
  • Eradicates water molecules in the fuel system and breaks down dangerous moisture

More power, reduced emissions, improved fuel economy, wear protection, provides optimized combustion and engine efficiency.

Instructions for use:
Use on every service and oil change, or as needed.
Add to the diesel fuel system prior to oil change, or every six months( in the fuel tank)
250 ml (1 can) treats up to 60 litres (16 gallons) of diesel fuel.

250 ml for up to 60 Lt diesel, Works during operation