Introducing the NEW BlueChem Boatline Products

The Bluechem Canada experience at the 59th annual Toronto International Boat Show 2017 was a memorable one. Our technical sales staff greeted and engaged visitors from BC to Atlantic Canada and as far south as Florida by introducing and educating boat owners and marine service centers alike on the benefits of Bluechem’s “Powermaxx Boatline” professional grade service and maintenance products.

BlueChem New Boatline Products

Bluechem’s “Powermaxx Boatline” is now available in Canada, although it has enjoyed tremendous success in European markets over the years. Product use ensures removal of all operationally caused contamination and restores the engine to its optimal performance.  

Lubricate First and Clean Second

On the premise of responsible boating it will reduce and prevent further environmental pollution by boats. Bluechem’s unique oil and fuel system product line contain “NO SIMPLE ALCOHOLS” and principled on the concept of “lubricate first and clean second”.

From an exposure platform we were extremely pleased at how well the product line was received and the genuine interest level in being educated on how to properly and effectively maintain their marine engines. We are eager to show the boating community the “Integrity” of Bluechem products, TUV certified in Germany and WORKS like no other.


Bluechem Canada looks ahead eagerly for THE TORONTO INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW 2018 !!

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