Autoprofi Engine Clean

Autoprofi Petrol System Clean, Common Rail Diesel System Clean & Protect

DPF Catalyst Cleaner
Dissolves and removes all contamination and soot from the diesel particulate filter and catalyst without requiring disassembly. Restores complete function on DPF and catalyst. Ideal for cleaning ERG valves.


Klima Fresh A/C Clean & Refresh
This product effectively cleans and disinfects the air conditioning system while removing any unpleasant odors. Bacteria, spores, mold and micro-organisms are eliminated and long term protection against their regeneration is guaranteed. It deodorizes upholstery as well as carpets and refreshes the entire car.


Bluechem Carbon X Cleaner
Direct Injection carbon removal and combustion chamber cleaning without dismantling.


Nano Engine Super Protection
High Performance Nano Engine Super Protection for Gasoline and Diesel Engines & Gearboxes (Automatic & Manual).


Fuel System Cleaner
High Performance Fuel System Cleaner & Engine Care.


Oil System Cleaner
High Performance Engine oil system cleaner and Care.


Combustion Chamber Cleaning Service
Two step comprehensive cleaning process - Cleans intake, fuel injectors and valves. Binds and Removes water.