Diesel Conditioner and Anti-Gel


High Performance Diesel System Care for diesel-flow improvement.

Power and Energy for all diesel engines incl. Common-Rail and direct injection.

Winter safe down to -33 °C.

  • Prevents thickening of the diesel fuel in extreme cold
  • Increases working reliability especially in winter
  • Prevents blocking of the fuel filter and fuel lines
  • Improved cold start performance and smooth running
  • Ensures optimized lubrication and protection of all critical engine components

Instructions for use:
Product should be applied to the diesel system at temperatures above 0°C prior to filling up the fuel tank.
Add the product before gelling of the diesel fuel.
300 ml (1 can) treats up to 80 litres (21 gallons) of diesel fuel.

300 ml for 80 ltr. diesel Works during operation