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What is Direct Injection?

Direct injection is the latest evolution of fuel delivery to maximise engine performance with reduced fuel consumption and reduction in exhaust emissions. Traditional engines spray fuel upstream from the combustion chamber, mixing the fuel with air before it enters the chamber.

The negative impact of direct injection is that these engines are prone to carbon accumulation that significantly impact performance and fuel economy. This is primarily due to the design of Direct Injection being fuel delivery at a very low volume and short duration directly in to the combustion chamber. The usage of chemical additives is necessary to combat this problem, if left unattended can lead to several thousands of dollars in repair costs!

Bluechem products are based off of CTL technology and are designed to work with Direct Injection vehicles. They provide optimal cleaning and lubricating effects that control carbon buildup within your engine ensuring that it is operating at peak efficiency.

Don’t trust your engine to products that have little or no independent testing results. Put your trust in Bluechem products that have be thoroughly tested and approved by OEMs and independent labs alike!

A cleaner running engine generates less hydro carbons. Testing from Ontario Drive Clean and Germany’s TÜV proves our products can substantially improve performance, better fuel efficiency and reduce emissions allowing for optimal vehicle performance.

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The Process

Our process of creating a quality additive starts with the science of Coal Liquefaction or Coal to Liquid Technology (CTL). CTL is the process of converting Coal into an ultra clean zero-sulphur synthetic base fuel. This process was invented by Franz Fischer and Hans Tropsch in the 1920s and is commonly referred to as the Fischer-Tropsch process.

Each Bluechem formulation starts off by using CTL technology to create an ultra-clean synthetic base.  Then special cleaning and lubrication additives are added to break down contaminants and debris into Nano sized particles. Products are then sent to globally recognized independent laboratories and tested to the most exhaustive and stringent standards.

The result is a highly advanced, highly effective product that provides superior cleaning and lubricating properties without any harmful effects on today’s modern engines, that’s the science behind Bluechem!

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