Autoprofi Oxicat - Oxygen Sensor/Cat-Converter Cleaner


AUTOPROFI OXICAT, is a specially designed, concentrated cleaner, formulated to dissolve soot, varnish and carbon residue throughout the entire exhaust system.  Specially developed to exceed the most recent environmental standards.

OXICAT primarily focused cleaning of oxygen sensor/lambda probe, in the catalytic converter, turbo charger and EGR valve. Cleans & prevents clogging of the catalytic converter. For use in gasoline or diesel engines & hybrid engines.

Direction of use:

  • Add regularly every 3–4 months into the fuel tank.
  • Observe mixing ratio (1:200) 250ml treats up to 60 ltr. (16 gallons of fuel)
  • Cleaning fluid - not a fuel substitute.
  • follow dosing instructions, do not overdose.


250 ml for 60 ltr. fuel Works during operation