Autoprofi Diesel System Cleaner

  • Removes dirt and resin from the diesel fuel circuit
  • Restores spray pattern and efficiency
  • Lubricate the injectors, high pressure fuel pump
  • Recommended for diesel engines with turbos
  • Safe for catalytic convertors and DPF

Your benefits:

  • Clean and powerful combustion
  • Considerable reduction of smoke and soot formation
  • Optimized emissions
  • Optimum engine performance and reduced fuel consumption
  • Improved lubrication during cold start
  • Extended life span of injection units
  • Guarantees reliable operation of catalytic converters with extended service life

Instructions for use:
Use on every service and oil change.
For optimal cleaning results use Bluechem cleaning equipment.
This product is for professional use only.
250 ml (1 can) treats up to 80 litres (21 gallons) of diesel fuel.

250 ml for 80 ltr. diesel Works during operation