Autoprofi Klima Fresh - Fluid Vaporiser


High Performance Air Condition Clean & Refresh

This product effectively cleans and disinfects the air conditioning system while removing any unpleasant odors.  Bacteria, spores, mold and micro-organisms are eliminated and long term protection against their regeneration is guaranteed. It deodorizes upholstery as well as carpets and refreshes the entire car.

The Air Conditioning Cleaner is non-toxic and anti-allergic!  


Instructions for use: (Recommended every 6 months.)
Start the engine, switch off the air conditioning (A/C) and ensure all dashboard vents are open.
Set the air flow to recirculate and full fan power with maximum temperature (heat).
Run for 5-10 minutes.
Place Klima Fresh in front passenger footwell area, switch on the air conditioning (A/C) and set to minimum temperature (max cold).
Press the nozzle lever into lock-down position and close the doors.
The cleaning process is complete in approximately 1 minute.
Let the air conditioning system run for an additional 5 minutes.

100 ml (1 can) treats 1 car.

100 ml treats 1 car 10 - 15 minutes