Autoprofi Diesel System Cleaner & Guard Fill-Diesel Bundle

Autoprofi Diesel System Cleaner
  • Removes dirt and resin from the diesel fuel circuit
  • Restores spray pattern and injector efficiency
  • Lubricate the injectors, high pressure fuel pump
  • Recommended for diesel engines with turbos
  • Safe for catalytic convertors and DPF

Your benefits:

  • Cleaner and powerful combustion
  • Considerable reduction of smoke and soot formation
  • Optimized emissions
  • Optimum engine performance and reduced fuel consumption
  • Improved lubrication during cold start
  • Extended life span of injection units
  • Guarantees reliable operation of catalytic converters with extended service life

Instructions for use:
Use on every service and oil change, or add every 6 moths with diesel fill up. This is a cleaning fluid, not a fuel replacement.

250 ml for 60 ltr. diesel

Works during operation


Autoprofi Guard Fill - Diesel

Optimizes the fuel lubrication, reduces carbon residues on valves and in the combustion chamber. Improves the combustion and exhaust gas values. 

Add cleaner to fuel tank every 3 months, not a fuel substitute.

75 ml for 80 ltr. diesel

Works during operation