Automatic Transmission Flush

This TSB outlines the steps involved in performing Bluechem Automatic Transmission Flush Following these steps will help minimize issues and chances for failures.

  1.  Ensure vehicle is at operating temperature and that transmission fluid is at the required level
  2. Connect transmission flush machine to vehicle through vehicle cooler lines using the appropriated adaptors.  Please refer to OEM service manual for correct cooler line locations
  3. Start vehicle and let idle in park
  4. If vehicle is equipped with a dipstick: pour entire contents of BLUCHEM Automatic Transmission Flush into the dipstick tube
  5. If vehicle is not equipped with a dipstick: Pour ½ liter of new transmission fluid into your flushing machine.  Then pour the entire contents of BLUECHEM Automatic Transmission Flush into your flushing machine as well.  Proceed to exchange only ½ to 1 liter of fluid using your flushing machine.  Most flushing machines will automatically stop once the new fluid tank is empty
  6. Now that BLUECHEM Automatic Transmission flush is circulating through the vehicle transmission, let vehicle run for 15 minutes periodically shifting through all gears.  Shifting through gears ensures proper cleaning of the entire valve body and shift solenoids.
  7. Fill your flushing machine with new transmission fluid.  Please refer to OEM service manual to determine correct fluid type and quantity required.
  8. For a complete service, add BLUECHEM Automatic Transmission Condition to your new fluid
  9. After 15 mins has lapsed, using your flushing machine, replace the old fluid with new fluid.
  10. While vehicle is running, ensure transmission fluid is at the required level, add or remove fluid as needs.
  11. Reconnect cooler lines to vehicle, ensure there are no leaks
  12. Road test vehicle to ensure smooth shifting and operation of transmission

Recommended Service Duration

375ml additive & recommended ATF flush quantity 30 minutes