A/C Klima Fresh & Foam Cleaner


This TSB outlines the steps involved in performing Bluechem Air Conditioning Service.  Following these steps will help minimize issues and chances for failures.


Application Instructions:

Step 1

BLUECHEM Air Conditioner Foam Cleaner  reliably removes soiling, bacteria, mold, algae and microorganisms within the air conditioning unit.  Unpleasant odors caused by bacteria and mold are effectively eliminated and a protective film over the cooling condenser provides for clean, fresh air and optimal cooling performance.  This product is non-toxic and does not cause allergies.

  1. Switch off the air conditioning unit before use, remove any cabin filters.
  2. Shake the can well before using
  3. Raise vehicle and insert dispensing tube into evaporator drain hose.  Insert hose until it reaches the top of the evaporator housing
  4. Dispense Bluechem Air Conditioner Foam cleaner and slowly remove the dispensing hose.  This will ensure that the entire evaporator is covered by the cleaning agents from top to bottom
  5. Foam will expand within the evaporator housing covering all surfaces
  6. Allow product to work for 15 minutes, you will notice the containments being cleaned, slowly drip back out the discharge hose

Step 2

BLUECHEM Klima Fresh cleans and disinfects your Air Conditioning System and effectively removes any unpleasant odors. Bacteria, spores, mold and microorganisms are eliminated and long term protection against their regeneration is guaranteed. This cleaning technology provides fresh, clean and healthy air inside the vehicle. Even equipment, upholstery and carpets are disinfected, refreshed and deodorized. It optimizes cooling performance and extends the life of the A/C System.  Klima Fresh is non-toxic, anti-allergic and uses a nonflammable propellant.

Drying of evaporator:

  1. Start the engine, switch off the Air Conditioning.
  2. Set the air flow to recirculation on full fan power and maximum temperature and run the system for 5-10 minutes.  This procedure is very important as humidity within the A/C System can impair the cleaning effect.


  1. Place Klima Fresh in the foot well of the front passenger area, open all dashboard vents.
  2. Switch on the A/C System and set to air recirculation on full fan power with minimum temperature.
  3. Depress the nozzle lever into lock-down position and close the doors.
  4. After one minute the cleaning process is complete
  5. Let the A/C System run for another 3-5 minutes and then thoroughly air the interior of the vehicle.

Recommended Service Duration

100ml Klima Fresh & 150ml AC Foam Cleaner 60 minutes