Throttle Body Cleaner


Throttle Body Cleaner cleans the entire intake system on gasoline engines. This unique product is vaporised by the applicator and flows through the air intake system cleaning the throttle body, manifold, valves and combustion chambers resulting in smoother idle, improved throttle response and reduced exhaust emissions.

Instructions for use:
To be sprayed into the air intake system of gasoline engines, while the engine is warm and running.
If the engine is running stable, spray the product into the air intake pipe in one shot.
If the engine is running unstable, spray into the air intake pipe in short bursts.

Note:The engine has to be run at 2500-3000 RPM during application.
500ml (1 can) sufficient for 1-2 vehicles.

500ml for 1-2 vehicles Approx. 60 seconds