Nano Engine Super Protection


High Performance Nano Engine Super Protection for Gasoline and Diesel Engines & Gearboxes (Automatic & Manual)

The highly effective Nano anti-friction protective film seals all the internal surfaces of engines and equipment and ensure that seals, shaft seals and O-Rings remain supple.

  • Highly effective wear protection
  • Improved Oil flow during cold starts
  • Smoother and quieter engine running
  • Increased performance
  • Extended life of equipment
  • Excellent “Run dry” properties 

Additional Power, efficiency and wear protection.

Instructions for use:
Add to engine oil lubrication system.
Use in Automatic & Manual gearboxes and differentials at a ratio of 1:10.
1 Can (300 ml) treats up to 5 litres of oil

300 ml for up to 5ltr. Works during operation